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Cafe Bread Schedule

Cafe  Hours 




Sunday 8am-1pm


Downtown Chico


627 Broadway at 7th

(530) 892-2893

Artisan Breads


We have an amazing selection of Artisan Breads 7 days a week! Our current selection is below, click on the oval to the left for a full schedule of when each bread is baked.

Sourdough Breads

We use two types of sourdough starter. A firm starter is used in the Chico Sourdough and has vinegar like flavor. Our other starter is a milder version with a buttery or yogurt like flavor.

Chico Sourdough

Chico Sourdough is our version of a San Francisco sourdough. This is a naturally leavened bread with an elevated level of acidity that's still mild enough for the whole family.


This bread uses a sourdough starter along with yeast for a lighter texture and extra volume. The flavor profile is lightly sour and nutty; the crumb structure is tight which lends itself to making excellent grilled sandwiches.

Walnut Raisin

Walnuts, California raisins, cinnamon and coriander are folded into our signature Como. This loaf can be found in our cafe and at our markets every Tuesday.

Cranberry Pecan

Just as the Walnut Raisin loaf, this bread switches its fruit and nut for a varietal twist. This loaf is available in-house and at our markets every Saturday.


A traditional French bread that is naturally leavened and contains no commercial yeast. Baked with a very dark crust, it brings out the malty, nutty flavor with a low acidity.

Levain - Sour French

This is a sour French bread that is full bodied with a creamy interior. Our most versatile dough is made into seeded batards, baguettes, soup bowls and our Sour French sliced loaf pan.

English Muffins

Made with our Levain dough and shaped into a buttery muffin, it makes a delicious addition to breakfast or tasty afternoon snack.

Deli Rye

Similar to a New York deli rye, this bread uses a sourdough starter and is boosted with yeast for a lighter texture and extra volume. The flavor profile is slightly sour and aromatic, with caraway seeds throughout the bread.

Marble Rye

This rye is artfully swirled with blackstrap molasses. Milder than the deli rye, it still has the full rye flavor complete with caraway seeds.

Multi Grain

A traditional French bread that is naturally leavened. This bread is filled with a variety of seeds and grains for a perfect tooth.

Sweet Breads

Many of our sweet breads use yeasted starters to add flavor and improve the texture of the bread. We use Poolish (a batter style starter) and sponge (a dough like starter) This technique along with long fermentation times allows us to use very little commercial yeast in many of our breads.


This is made with yeast and a sponge starter to make a light and sweet bread. With a crisp exterior and soft interior this bread is great for appetizers or a side at the dinner table.

Rosemary Focaccia

Italian flat bread made with a poolish starter. This bread has local rosemary throughout the bread and is topped with extra virgin olive oil.

Jalapeno Cheddar Focaccia (Seasonal)

Our Italian flat bread loaded with sharp cheddar and jalapeno rings throughout. Available in our cafe and market locations Tuesdays and Saturdays.


A rustic, sweet Italian flat bread with large irregular holes. Comes in 14oz flat loaves, large sandwich rolls and dinner rolls.


Traditional Jewish sweet bread. Light and fluffy. Comes in a beautiful braid or in rolls.

Honey French

A yeast leavened bread; this loaf is sweetened with local honey. A 24-hour cold fermentation develops a rich flavor. This bread is baked to a light golden-brown, soft throughout. This bread comes in a sliced loaf, Pullman, or dinner rolls. This bread can be found in our cafe and at our market locations on Thursdays and Sundays.

Honey Wheat

Whole wheat flour and local honey make for a wholesome loaf or dinner roll. The final product is topped with oat and bran, baked lightly for a soft bread throughout. This bread is found in our cafe for sale every Wednesday.

Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

A Tin Roof favorite! Our French dough is rolled in a mixture of garlic, Parmesan, olive oil and spices; then baked to a golden perfection!

Monkey Bread

A delicious and sweet brioche bread complete with cinnamon, raisins and walnuts. This bread is perfect for Sunday breakfast or a sweet thank you!

Gorilla Bread

A delicious and sweet loaf featuring our signature croissant dough tossed with cinnamon, pecans and cranberries. This bread is a sure treat!

Kaiser Buns

These buns are perfect for your hamburgers and hot sandwiches. Tin Roof's take on this classic bread is shaped large for the hungriest of appetites!

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